Makena Collection is a local small business created by Juliana Lomba Continentino, a Brazilian beach lover based in Maui.

The Makena story starts in a small fishing village outside of Rio De Janiero. where I, Juliana, grew up surrounded by warm sun and warm people.

A childhood spent on the vibrant beaches of Rio, known for their beautiful women in eye-catching bikinis, sparked a lifelong love of fashion.

These fashion dreams brought me across the world first to New York City and then to Maui, where i fell in love with the laid back island lifestyle.

I became the first purveyor of Brazilian swimwear to the Hawaiian islands. I spent many years designing and manufacturing for a variety of private label clients. In the process, I introduced Americans to the daring Brazilian-style bikinis, which quickly took off here in Hawaii.

Business was booming but I wanted more. I wanted to bring everything I learned full circle and create from the heart. As a woman and a mother, I wanted to design swimwear that makes women of all ages and sizes feel confident and comfortable. As a surfer, I wanted to design functional swimwear that can stand up to any wave. As a lover of nature, I wanted to reduce my environmental impact and design with the health of the planet and our oceans in mind.

Makena is a culmination of all the experiences that have brought me to this moment, informed by the core values of sustainability and inclusivity.
My Brazilian roots inspire the collection’s vivid colors and bold prints, while my life in Hawaii inspires the collection’s functional surf and yoga styles.

Makena weaves together the things that I value most – a simple life in the tropics grounded in nature, spirituality, travel and of course big surf. a life of creative collaboration and a sense of being true to one’s roots. embracing life – and the planet – with a big heart.

I am so proud of the beautiful community of free-spirited, big-hearted women that I have connected with along this journey. You, the women who wear Makena, are the ultimate manifestation of my dreams.

Thank you for coming along with me on this adventure and I hope my swimwear becomes a part of yours.


A little bit about Juliana L. Continentino

Like many Brazilians, Juliana migrated to the United States seeking more growth opportunities, and landed in New York to study Fashion – but life built a totally different path than she imagined when she first visited Maui in 1998. There, she knew her life was on the Island.

Gradually, life weaved his embroidery and transformed her identity of expression in a brand that she called Makena. With Makena, she learned much more about herself, a story of love and respect for the beach lifestyle, the ocean living and everything around it. Makena became the pioneer brand of Brazilian bikinis in Hawaiian lands, bringing all the colors and shapes of Brazil that Juliana could carry in a suitcase.

So Makena became Ju, and Ju became Makena. Here, Ju is a stylist, CEO, Social Media, Video Producer, Actress, Model, sweat, heart and soul!

Follow the @makenacollection instagram and go check for yourself, Ju is always there planning on something.

We hope to go along the way with you, enjoy the trip ‘cause the view is beautiful!

With love and Aloha,

Sustainable Values

In Makena, we believe in slow fashion and conscious consuming.

We believe in a life of community, mutual respect and support.

As we can, we commit to decrease the residual insums of our productions to reduce the
impact to the planet.

All our productions go with a seed label, so that the paper is not wasted – you can plant it on
a fertile soil and a flower will be born!

Makena is also part of the 1% for the planet, donating 1% of the profits for the cause. 

Go to or visit our instagram page @makenacollection for more information.

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