Makena Collection is a local small business created by Juliana Lomba Continentino, a Brazilian beach lover based in Maui

Makena is about connections. Here, we create love and respect. Our great inspirations are
the women around us. We create for women like ourselves, we create for women different
from us, we create for every daughter of the ocean, like us.
We produce comfortable and safe bikinis and beach wear, so you can exercise, move
around, enjoy a day at the beach, or even for the day-to-day activities in a warm beach city.
Every product is thought from a woman’s view, to be functional and flexible for you.
We believe in living in the present thinking about the future, so Makena is a slow fashion
brand that seeks creative and sustainable solutions at all stages of production. Our prints
are produced digitally in good quality lycra, guaranteeing the durability of the product. The
sets are made in Brazil by a family business, warming up the economy of our CEO, Juliana.

A little bit about Juliana L. Continentino

Like many Brazilians, Juliana migrated to the United States seeking more growth
opportunities, and landed in New York to study Fashion – but life built a totally different path
than she imagined when she first visited Maui in 1998. There, she knew her life was on the
Gradually, life weaved his embroidery and transformed her identity of expression in a brand
that she called Makena. With Makena, she learned much more about herself, a story of love
and respect for the beach lifestyle, the ocean living and everything around it. Makena
became the pioneer brand of Brazilian bikinis in Hawaiian lands, bringing all the colors and
shapes of Brazil that Juliana could carry in a suitcase.

So Makena became Ju, and Ju became Makena. Here, Ju is a stylist, CEO, Social Media,
Video Producer, Actress, Model, sweat, heart and soul!

Follow the @makenacollection instagram and go check for yourself, Ju is always there
planning on something.

We hope to go along the way with you,
Enjoy the trip ‘cause the view is beautiful!

With love and Aloha,

Sustainable Values

In Makena, we believe in slow fashion and conscious consuming.
We believe in a life of community, mutual respect and support.
As we can, we commit to decrease the residual insums of our productions to reduce the
impact to the planet.
All our productions go with a seed label, so that the paper is not wasted – you can plant it on
a fertile soil and a flower will be born!

Makena is also part of the 1% for the planet, donating 1% of the profits for the cause. 

Go to or visit our instagram page @makenacollection for more information.

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