The Praiana collection celebrates the simplicity of Brazilian fishing village life.

A life lived in the moment, day by day, in the vibrance and natural beauty of the tropics.
A simple life that heightens the senses – the fruit is sweeter, the colors more vivid, the sun is warmer and the language sounds like a song.

Praianas are the beach girls of Brazil. Dedicated to spending their days under the bright sun and in the clear waters of the Atlantic ocean. Swimming, surfing, strolling and sunbathing in their colorful bikinis. Watching the pink soft sunsets, and often, the warm golden sunrises.

I was lucky to grow up like that – spending my days on the beach, in appreciation of the gifts of nature and in the warm embrace of a beautiful community where all were treated as friends & neighbors. They say home is where the heart is and my home in brazil certainly has a lot of heart.

I hope this collection gives you a taste of the tropics, inspires you to live more boldly and roots you in the appreciation for the here and now.

Love, Juliana

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